A New Adventure!

Welcome to Baby Bear Music Classes! We are so excited to be offering these gentle music classes for the very first time here in Victoria. Our classes are, for the moment, entirely online so you can enjoy music with your little one from the comfort of home. These classes are perfect for babies and toddlers alike. This is cozy time, sing-a-song time, dance together time and sing-a-lullaby time. Simple, affordable and safe. 

Our Inspiration

Baby Bear Music is inspired by the wonderful, award-winning baby and toddler classes of Jackie Chase at Under the Bridge Music Studio in Brighton, England. Before our teacher, Kathy, moved back to her hometown of Victoria, Jackie kindly gave her special permission to adapt and offer Under the Bridge's music classes here in Canada! 

Jackie's Kodaly-based music classes having been enriching the early years of children for over 30 years. Classes journey through many different cultures, genres and traditions, celebrating the changing of the seasons and the wonders of the world around us. 

"The introduction of music, rhythm and dance in a child’s developmental years has been shown to greatly improve verbal and physical skills, emotional development, confidence and learning abilities."

                                                                                                            -Jackie Chase, Under the Bridge Music Studio, Brighton, England

What will I need?

Not much! We recommend setting up a cozy blanket or rug for you and your baby to sit on during the class. You will also want to have...

-a hand drum or upside-down kitchen pot and wooden spoon

-a shaker, rattle, tambourine or bells (make your own by filling a plastic bottle halfway with rice or pasta). *Seal homemade shakers well and always watch the baby closely while using instruments!*

-several blown-up balloons (not helium) 

-a favourite stuffie, doll or cuddly toy